Three Year Old Program:
Three-year-olds are full of wonder. This is an exciting time for these young learners, who are changing physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. The focus of the preschool program is to give children the opportunity to learn through play in a loving, caring environment. Days are filled with busy explorations, investigations, and discoveries. Children express themselves through art, music, and movement. They practice math and number concepts using age-appropriate materials to organize, sort, count, build, and sequence.

4 Year Old Program:

Walk into your child’s preschool classroom and you will find a large, colorful room divided into carefully planned interest areas. It will be filled with bright, primary colors and a variety of materials for your child to manipulate, explore, snuggle, play with, and share. The room is especially designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.

The preschool classroom sends important signals to children about “what there is to do and how to do it,” helps children learn and motivates them to interact positively with each other. These defined areas allow children to play and explore materials with the guidance of the teacher either individually or in small groups. 

Dramatic play or housekeeping:
Manipulative play

Two Year Olds Program:
The weekly themes in the 2 Year Old room promote independence through child centered and teacher directed activities throughout the day. Self-help skills such as eating skills, potty training, hand washing, and independently cleaning up are among the skills taught in this room. The Two Year Olds Program introduces students to circle time activities including calendar, weather, counting, story time, and songs. The age appropriate activities in this classroom focus on Character Development, which include aspects of promoting taking turns, cooperating, sharing, and expressing feelings in appropriate manner.

Infants 6 weeks - 12 months:
Your baby is welcomed into a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment, with individual attention and care given to his or her personal needs. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, while we care for your baby in a warm, caring and engaging environment. Your baby will be cared for in feeding, movement and mobility while in a visually and verbally stimulating environment.

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Young Toddler Program:
(12-18 months old)
In the Young Toddler Classroom the children are introduced to a class routine. The routine is flexible and is adjusted to meet the needs of the toddlers. They begin to eat, sleep, and play at the same time. This schedule allows predictability and a feeling of security among the toddlers. The students are introduced to colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.